Research by the user

User research is the starting point for the design of a product. Research trains us regarding the users, their behaviour, goals, motivation and the requirements. It also exhibits us how they may navigate our system or where they come up against any of the issues and how they feel when they interact with this type of product.

User research is carried out through:

Interviews: There is one on one chat on a skype session with the user to achieve the objectives and requirements. You have to get an in-depth knowledge of how an individual feels or thinks regarding your product.

There are online surveys and this method enables you to college a great deal of data on some specific themes from various users.

A target persona is not a genuine individual but a fake character may have several traits of several users. A persona of your customer can be made when you have ample proof that you collect from the genuine users. By making use of this persona you may visualize how your users think and behave when you design your product.

User testing: You may get a nice idea of the user experience through interviewing and observing the users when they interact with your product. It may assist you to get to them to mention the actions they do.

Your product’s design moves around the usability and functionality and not the pictures or colours. You need to do the user research of what your users anticipate from your product or website and what their objectives are and how they can operate a system and its usability and functionality that comes first.

Many of the users anticipate a search bar to be at top of the page. Several firms keep their search bar at the top of the page.


It is about the navigation of the user via every page and in between the pages. It is a procedure that has a basic sketch of every page and decides where the elements on the page have to be so that the user flow is very smooth.


You may make use of tools such as InVisionApp. UX designers can make the fast prototype of the internet pages that they have designed at the wireframing phase. This enables them to test the prototype with the users prior to the design and use them by the development team.

Prototyping saves a great deal of money and time in case the features have to be altered after testing.

User Testing

UX designers test as it enables them to improve their product or the design of their website and to see in case there are some alterations made in the design phase.

What types of processes are utilized to do the testing?

Usability testing: This is now the UX designers assess the product by testing it on the genuine users. It may be done via observing the users who interact with the product or ask them questions while they do the interaction with it. It is the best means of knowing how the product meets the objectives of the user.

Remote user testing

The remote user testing is when the testing does not take place in the similar place as the UX designer but it is done in a remote manner through Skype, screen sharing or other online ways. Remote user testing can be there as the target user is located at a distant place and the costs have to be down.

A/B testing

This is there when the users are given 2 versions of the similar product or page and the UX designer can view the 2 versions that the user has to respond to.


You have to work along with the developers to get to your end objective for a project. The Wizards will be working to convert your design to a genuine working website.

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