There are some institutions which have interactive design and visual design programs. There are some official means to learn UI and UX design skills as applicable to working with tech startups.

In case you reside in a metropolitan area, you can be fortunate to have access to class style or boot camp programs or some programs hosted by Google.

There is a wide range of free content and courses for both the skills. It is suggested that you check the outline of each course to view if it taught and suits the definitions mentioned.

Various alternatives are there for individual education and specialization. There is a UX devoted mentor program.

There is also a UI design course made by long time UI designer Eric.

The role of the UX designer is not clear to many people. The field is new and you may be the first UX designer used by the new company.

In case you are new to a startup, your first challenge will be doing the explanation of your role to the entire team and also add value to bring conversions, customer retention and repeat visits to your website.

There might be some confusion what may be your role in the team and what UX design actually is and how it is different from graphic design, User Interface design and web development.

You have to know how to interact with the UX design team and how to explain your role of UX to your team in the words of a layman.

You have to eat, live and breathe UX design. In case you are moving to a new firm as their first UX designer, you will have some explaining to do.

UX design is a totally different field as several firms need you on their payroll in case they wish to be successful in the retention of their customers.

There might be some confusion with respect to the UX design. The term design is linked with colours, innovativeness and graphics. It is the process in which the products work nicely for the people who utilize them.

The main duty of the UX design team is to be aware of the target customers and how to make their experience rewarding with the customers. The usage and functionality need to rank high on your priority list for your product.

A UX designer wishes that their users get to their objectives or enable the users to get what they have come for and in the best possible manner. You have to be aware of the people who wish to utilize your product or make use of same products through research so their requirements are catered to.

UX designer is only concerned with making it as simple as possible to make the people get to their objectives. When this is accomplished, the objectives of the business are almost accomplished. The customer purchases the shares or product or shares their email. Isn’t it easy?

Your team members might contact you with this question. You need to have the answer on your tongue’s tip the next time your colleagues ask you this question.

The user satisfaction is by enhancing accessibility, usability and excitement given in the interaction between the product and the user.

You have to put this into the context of what you actually do and make the terms somewhat simple. UX design is regarding the experience of the user with the product in the finest possible manner. We wish to ensure that we get people to our website when they are interested in this type of product and make their journey from home page to buying the product as interesting as possible.

In case they have some queries, you may point them in the direction of the publications and influencers when they can get into these concepts deeply.

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